Temple 2013?

A temple evolves. Getting near to a complete proposal, a little fine tuning and some number crunching and there we are. Conversations evolves as well, thoughts about process and timeline, approach as to how and why. Everything has it’s time and purpose. Lots of randomness.

Post Burn 2011

Well, most things have been cleaned, put away dusty or just simply embraced and continued to be used as is. Reflections of my temple involvement have been ongoing and varied. The reception and comments have been overwhelmingly positive, and the amount of comments has been appreciated. My efforts and involvement was delivered, for the most part, in a quiet, behind the curtain kind of way. So I have been allowed a bit of a voyeur position to observe and listen to the reactions and expressions of people about the temple and what impact it had for them.

Planning on a proposal for 2013 had begun prior to the start of construction for 2011′s temple, but that was always the direction. My adventure into designing a temple has been wonderfully accidental and unintended. But somewhat predestined.

Many thanks and hugs to IAM for listening to me at the start. Yes Kiwi, I am okay with it being my fault.

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